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About Us

We are Hal Tex Yarn Co.

For over 40 years serving the textile industry in the Middle East, Far East, USA, Canada, Europe, and Africa, Hal Tex has established good business relations with good customers and good suppliers.
Our customers range from small knitters to large weavers.
Our suppliers are major fiber producers from around the world.

We supply spun polyester dyed yarn and combed cotton dyed yarn to Middle East markets of -Syria, Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt and we guarantee the yarn supplied by our company.

Having accessed to the best raw material suppliers from all over the world, Hal Tex can offer the highest quality of product at the most competitive price.

In the year 2000, we established a new branch for dyeing all kinds of yarn with particular concentration on the Syrian shiny cotton which acquires a good name in the international cotton market and in order to support our national economy.


We import all kinds of yarn and here is a list of the main products we import

100% ring spun polyester yarn, 100% combed cotton yarn, polyester/viscose mixed yarn, polyester/cotton mixed yarn, all "natural" and "dyed" for knitting and weaving
100% textured polyester yarn (DTY) "natural" and "dyed"
DEN 70/1 DEN 150/1 DEN 300/1
100% high bulk acrylic yarn "dyed" and "natural"
NM 27/2 NM 33/1 NM 40/1 NM 14/1
100% bright viscose filament yarn
DEN 150 DEN 300 DEN 600
100% stretch nylon yarn "natural" and "dyed"
DEN 40 DEN 70

We also import all kinds of chemical textile dyestuff and auxiliaries for our dyeing house machines.


For a long time, the Syrian cotton has been considered as one of the best references for cotton yarn fineness.
Syria is the second producer of cotton in the Arab Region and number 10 in the international cotton market regarding cotton agriculture. Syrian cotton comes in the second level in terms of volume of Syrian exports after petroleum. Therefore, the government of Syria has been continuously supporting cotton sector as a key factor to improve foreign trade market for Syria.
Hal Tex has always focused on exporting 100% pure Syrian combed cotton dyed yarn in all color degrees, from light to medium and dark.
All the yarn exported is in conformance with the international standards through all production stages, beginning from fibers and ending by obtaining the dyed yarn ready for knitting or weaving.
    In addition to the combed cotton dyed yarn, Hal Tex sells the finest quality of
  • 100% ring spun polyester dyed yarn
  • Moreover, we are the official representative of a well- known Chinese company for selling polyester staple fiber PSF
We certify that all our products are made under our legalized name and trade mark.
We guaranty that the yarn we produce is to be returned to us in case of any quality faults.


Early this century, Hal Tex perceived the importance of Syrian cotton in manufacturing yarn and textiles.
Therefore, we decided to improve ourselves in order to be able to stand and compete on this level through purchasing all the equipments and requirements necessary for every step for obtaining a final product of good quality and capable of competing similar products in the international global yarn markets.
Nowadays, we are doing our best to improve our dyeing house and increase the number of twisting and covering yarn machines we already have, aiming at making a complete project that will be one of the pioneer projects in our country and even in the region.
Yarn dyeing, twisting and covering machines: We have purchased cost-effective and environment-friendly horizontal yarn dyeing machines from Galvanin-Italy, with capacity from 200 kg. up to 500 Kg. per batch.
Our twisting and winding machines are of European origin (Volkmann, SSM, and Savio autconer machine). Our covering machines are of Korean origin 
These machines are suitable for dyeing, twisting and covering all types of yarn in package.  Hal Tex, in order to achieve the perfect operational results from such modern and sophisticated means of production, has recruited competent technical staff in all the facility departments in addition to active exportation staff, thus to ensure perfect performance of business with customers and suppliers.

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